Day Eighty-Six: Stretching Myself

One of the ancillary things about the exercise is the stretching. I’ve given myself permission to hate yoga. But stretching is still (probably) a must. Especially with rowing back in the mix — it really can do a number on your back. I’m easing into it, but even so, I’m trying hard to work some back stretches into every morning post-exercise (rowing or running).

It’s one of those things. When I was younger, stretching had to be done before exercise! Every time! Or you would surely die! Now, the science says stretching before exercise is kind of meh. But you must stretch after exercise! Every time! Or you will surely die!

I don’t know. The back stretches, sure, they help my back feel less terrible. But the overall stretching… I’ve never really done it, and maybe I’m just cruising for a stretch-bruising, but it doesn’t seem to have done me lasting harm.

Stretching to prove a negative

Who knows? Maybe if I’d stretched every day my whole life I’d now be crazy flexible and still have hair. Maybe I’d be dead of deadly stretching. Maybe I’d pull my own arms off and discover I am full of deadly fluid. Who knows? I just know I’ve been doing okay with a more or less stretchless lifestyle.

Sometimes I feel bad about it; I’m totally inflexible (physically). Sometimes I give it another shot, and it’s a way to ‘exercise’ on days that I’m really, really, really not feelin’ it. But on the whole, I’m okay with not being stretchy. Stretch Armstrong was stretchy. And where’s that guy now?