Day Fifty-Four: When to Weigh

When to weigh? I’m talking frequency here, not time of day — that might be tomorrow.

I’m coming from a place where I refused to weigh myself at all because it’s kind of a bullshit metric for health. Which I maintain is true… your weight isn’t an indicator of how healthy you are. I know a lot of guys that are skinnier than me whose asses I could kick by most metrics. I can run 5k in under 25 minutes, and sustain mixed cardio for 30. Neither of these things are Crossfit God stuff, but better than most folks can do.

So I’m not hung up on weight as a number as a perfect indicator of fitness.

That being said, it’s a metric, and as I said yesterday, I kind of need something that I can hang progress on. The whole “feel-look” thing doesn’t quite do it for me after fifty-plus days, so I’m looking for an actual number that I can hang my hat on. And as much as I hate it, weight does that.

When to weigh? Daily.

So here’s my daily weight. Again, public accountability. I’m going to add it to the main menu as well. The sheet will track weight, exercise, and an every-Sunday average.

Why the every-Sunday average? So I don’t make myself crazy with the daily weigh-in. I think it’d make me nuts to do it every day and take it super seriously.

There are two broad schools of thought (other than “don’t weigh): weigh daily, for maximum knowledge, or weigh weekly, to reduce stress. The current science seems to say daily weighing is most effective. Or, y’know, not, depending. It’s a mess.

But the compromise I’ve come to, which makes sense, is to weigh myself daily and try to put that out of my mind entirely. It’s just a number. Weight fluctuates, depending on what’s been going on with a bunch of stuff. Fuggedabout it. Log it and move on.

What I want to pay attention to is the weekly average, and the trendlines.

This way, I hopefully won’t make myself crazy with the daily weight, but I won’t be staking everything on a weekly weigh-in, either.