Day Fifty-One: Return to Routine

A return to routine. It’s great to be away, but it’s also great to be home. As much as we planned for the weekend, and managed to stick more or less to those plans, it’s still more of a ‘controlled fail’ than a raging success.

So it’s good to be home, because this is where the real work happens.

The long weekend in a nutshell:

Sobriety: 100%

Exercise: 50%

Diet: 50%

…the latter two meaning that there was a lot of walking on Saturday and Sunday, but not enough on Monday. Similarly, food was well planned for Saturday and Sunday, but kind of fell apart a bit on Monday. We planned for the time away, but not for the return home.

My wife is a big fan of Frugalwoods, and one of their axioms is to always have several meals ready to go in the freezer. We’re doing something similar, with the additional twist that we’re actually calculating calories for recipes and storing those, so we can freeze portions and easily call back what they do for us in terms of diet.

My gut says I still need to focus harder on food — ha ha — for the next while. It’s not hard but it does require rigour, which isn’t always my forte.

So I’m back!

Return to routine is a return to ambition

Being a bit rested and refreshed also helps me reset my sights on the goals I set a while back. It’s easy to set goals, hard to achieve them. But even maintaining a passion for them can be difficult. I’ll happily take a weekend of diet and exercise setbacks if it’s an isolated thing. I planned for it, I granted myself permission, and now I feel like I can really bear back down on what I want. Let’s go.