Day Fifty-Seven: Younger People

I had an amazing time at a LAN party on Saturday, with a bunch of younger people, by about 10-15 years. This was a bit of a hang-up for me. I tried not to let it get in the way, but man, getting older is a bit less fun sometimes.

This is, by the way, entirely my bad head. They were great. No fun was made and nobody was, like, mean or anything. I just have a complex about being older than people when I’m around people who are, well, younger.

Part of the issue is having younger hobbies, which in turn relates to not having kids. My wife and I are child-free. We’re absolutely for kids. Love ’em. Go ahead and have ’em. But we’ve chosen not to. And for that reason, we tend to hang out with other people who don’t have kids, and those people tend to be younger.

I’m also really interested in stuff that keeps me youthful, relatively speaking. Video games. Audio production. New music. This all keeps me current, in a way. As opposed to whittling and hitting hoops with sticks, or whatever.

Younger people are awesome.

And I like people in their 20s. They’re energetic and engaged and exploring. Nothing irritates me more than the now-typical people my age (40s) going on about millennials this and millennials that. It’s an age-old thing. Plato was doing it. The kids are all right.

But none of this keeps me from getting all into my own head and feeling old when I’m around younger people. Which is, again, entirely all in my own head.

No solution to this; observing it will hopefully be enough to inspire awareness, and ideally change.