Day Fifty-Six: Weight Loss Rates

It’s a pretty garbagey Internet, when you look at it. Content marketing has a lot to answer for; literal hordes of people generating whatever (especially on reasonably popular questions like weight loss rates) at about one cent a word to populate blogs to drive advertising.

So I’ll take the Centers for Disease Control as the most authoritative source on weight loss rates: losing 1-2 pounds a week steadily is the most successful way to control weight loss. And the general advice that this is a lifestyle thing, not a temporary “diet” thing, is good too.

Weight loss rates index to lifestyle changes

“Lifestyle change” is hard, though. So I’m looking at daily weighing as a kind of motivator for that. Hopefully — if all goes as planned — the “forget about it number” will just be a kind of second check-in in the morning.

I had a great time at a LAN party yesterday — more on that tomorrow — but man, there was a lot of bad food and some not-great food decisions. I slipped into the old habit of justifying bad food with not drinking. Again, lifestyle change is hard.

So the aim now is 1-2 pounds a week, stably, for the medium term.

And that’s about it for weighing — time to return to random topics for a bit.

Time for the weigh-in!