Day Forty-Eight: Sick and Sober

The headache continues, somewhat abated. I’m pretty sure at this point that it’s sinus-related, because I still feel snoofly and like my sinuses are a bit plugged up, and those symptoms and the headache seem to diminish through the day kind of concurrently. But I’m sick and sober. At least.

I’m grateful to be sober right now. I suspect this is a thing where — especially since last night was a Friday night — I would have ‘helped myself feel better’ with a few drinks last night, and felt much worse this morning.

Sick and Sober is better than Sick and Sick

Which is pretty obvious on its surface, but it’s interesting, the further I get from my last drink, how it’s easier to stop that internal dialogue. “I feel lousy.” “You know what’ll help you feel better?” “Two nighttime Ibuprofen and a good night’s sleep.” Boom, done. Nice chat, brain. Good to have you along.

So the headache is still rumbling around a little, I suspect because the sinuses are still clogged a little. I have the radio show with my wife this morning, and then it’s off to a (well-planned!) weekend out of town. Exciting! I’m not going to drink this weekend. I’ve also got a rough food map to keep me from making dumb decisions on that end as well.

I’ve even got a plan for podcasting from the road — untested, but theoretically totally workable. So I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully…