Day Forty-Nine: Road Posting

Well, the fact that I’m typing this means that the blog end of things is working out well; the actual podcast part of it is next. Road posting! Posting from the road.

I’m at a hotel in Montreal with my wife (Anne Ma Soeur Anne; charming as hell and right on the Plateau), typing this on the desk that appears when you fold up the Murphy bed (!). Celebrating a good, sober, sensible day that’s still full o’ fun yesterday.

Road posting is easy when you’re clear-headed and happy

Having a plan, and a supportive spouse, is key. Yesterday’s planning involved splitting up so she could interview somebody for her women-in-brewing podcast. She headed uptown, I went to the hotel to check in, do some window shopping, have a wander and generally avoid a bar.

It worked out well! I got a good walk in, checked out some new board games at the board game store, studiously avoided going into places that sold bande dessinée (Franco-Belgian hardcover comics; beautiful, but expensive), read, and puttered around. I’m a classic introvert, so the time alone was kind of nice, and being able to sit around and read without a vague feeling of “I should be doing the dishes/laundry/cleaning something/checking on the cat” is very liberating.

Once she got back to the hotel, we went down to Chinatown, feasted on dumplings, and ticked off one of my great Montreal priorities: hitting up the Chinese supermarket for amazing faux meats — both in the refrigerated “make hot” varieties and the “plant-based jerky” types. The overall plan is to bring it all back to Kingston, keep the packaging, and convince the local Asian markets to carry this stuff.

Road posting! The audio portion of this is going to be a little different, as I’m doing it through a microphoned gaming headset. And speaking quietly because I don’t know how sound carries in here and I don’t want to disturb anyone. Protestant reserve, general good manners or a crippling inability to deal with attention? Let’s say all three.