Day Ninety-Eight: Remotivating

I could stand some remotivating right now.

Partly it’s just being a bit “candle at both ends” for the last while; partly I think it’s just some lack of sleep. Caffeine is definitely on the upswing for the past few weeks, which is something to keep an eye on.

So right now I’m walking the line between “get more sleep and maybe I’ll be energized when I get up,” and “just get going and see if it kicks in.” It’s a weird line, because either one couldĀ notĀ work, and then I’ll feel bad. So of the two, “stay up and try to kick it into gear” is the one that doesn’t mean lost time. Maybe a few minutes of exercise, even though it’s Sunday?

Remotivating on a Sunday morning

Sunday morning is particularly funny, because it’s supposed to be a sort of relax day anyway. But at the same time, I gots stuff to get done, yo. So at 8 a.m. I’m coming out of a kind of a got-up-early miasma.

Clearly I’ve talked myself into “get going,” so it’s time to sit down, make a list, plot the day.

  • Study for the class I’m taking
  • Tune up the bikes for spring
  • Do some recording to fulfil some obligations
  • Plan the kitchen island I intend to build
  • Plan the couch/day bed my wife and I want to build
  • Set some alerts for sanded plywood
  • Meal planning & grocery shop for the week

…clearly, there’s stuff that needs doing!

Let’s go, Sunday!