Day Ninety-Seven: Barfing Cat

So on the blog end of things, I’m running an SEO optimization plugin called Yoast. It’s actually been interesting in terms of critiquing my writing style. And it asks you to come up with a “focus keyword” every day. I’d imagine so it can help you make sure you have the keyword enough that people searching for something will find your site. So let’s see what it can do with “barfing cat.”

Long story short: the cat yarked on the bed last night. Like an epic barfing cat session, while we were asleep, more or less right on me. So it’s been a night of, once again, less sleep than usual. Plus the kind of marital bonding experience you get when you and your wife are up at 1:30 a.m. stripping the bed to put sheets in the laundry and strategizing how to get back to sleep. Bonus round: visitors in the guest room, where all the bedding is.

Here’s the thing about a barfing cat:

We never really blamed the cat. She got flea-treated yesterday, which she hates, so she got treats after that. And I gave her some soft food before bed in the hopes that she wouldn’t wake me up in the night because she’s hungry. Well, it worked. She didn’t wake us up in the night because she was hungry. She woke us up in the night to unleash a half-litre of vomit on the bed.

But even though we were mad, blaming the cat was never really on the menu. She didn’t mean to get sick, and didn’t mean to barf on us. And I guess in my sleep-addled mind, I’m driving towards a “aren’t we all a barfing cat, in our own way?” kind of thing here.

It’s important to forgive ourselves when we’re put in situations that make us barf. Sometimes life hands you a situation where barfing, really or metaphorically, is all you can do.

But it’s up to us, as mature human non-cats, to try not to do it on the metaphorical bed, or on the people we love. Metaphorically speaking.