Day Ninety-Three: Busy Brain Chronicles

Busy brain. It’s come up before. It’s the thing where I wake up in the night and just can’t get back to sleep. The assumption is it’s stress, but it’s not always stress. Sometimes it’s just… stuff.

Things are going well, but there’s a lot of things to go well. That’s what the busy brain is tossing around: maybe this is a kind of stress, but it’s not like ‘arrrgh’ stress. Just management.

Music soothes the busy brain

My wife likes music when she sleeps — she used to sleep with a TV on in the next room, low. And it’s nice when I can’t sleep to have something to listen to. She favours classical, I like world music and jazz (we trade off). It’s nice to have something to mentally dig into. Break down the different instruments, the different parts.

It’s possible that I’m waving off a warning sign. Waking up with management on my mind, even if there are no red flags or alarm bells. could mean I’m taking on too much. But I also deal better, overall, with a little bit of overload than with boredom. So if busy brain is the price of being kind of optimally busy, I’ll take it.