Day Seventy-Seven: Sober Fun

There’s a line in the new season of the Netflix show Love, which also has sobriety as a component of it. “When you get complacent, your addiction starts doing push-ups.” I’ve been having sober fun recently, and while I don’t have an addiction in the killed-the-dog sense, complacency deserves attention. Just because my off switch works fine doesn’t mean I should ignore its maintenance.

We’ve been making plans with some friends to get together on the weekly and watch Riverdale. My wife describes it as a trash fire, surrounded by the protective firebreak of a dumpster fire. It’s glorious. And my wife and our friends enjoy drinking while watching Riverdale, and I’m cool with it.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised, though, that the last few times I’ve gotten together with friends who drink there’s been no white-knuckling. They’re drinking, I’m not. I don’t feel compelled or even particularly tempted to drink. I’m having sober fun, they’re having reasonable consumption fun. It’s all good.

Sober fun for everyone!

Again, I’m fortunate in this regard. Some folks just can’t be around alcohol, and that’s a choice worthy of equal respect. In my case, it’s about building a positive self-reinforcement. I’m happy that I’m not tempted. I’m proud that I’m not tempted. It’s also about being on guard against a loss of novelty. What happens when I’m bored with my virtuousness? Maintaining when it no longer feels virtuous but just bland and normal… that’s a future problem.