Day Seventy-Three: Results! The plan is working.

I don’t want to get a swelled head, here, but I believe I’m actually improving. I’m getting results.

Today I tried something I hadn’t done in a while — my push-up circuit, which is 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 leg lifts and 30 seconds of planking, in a row, rest for 45 seconds, repeat the circuit five times.

It’s been a month or so since I’ve done it; lots of FitStar and other things in the interim.

It was… not bad! Not easy by any means, but I wasn’t a weeping mess by the end of it, which is a nice change from previous attempts.

Results mean more results

I’m not setting out to be a triathlete or win the WORLD’S FITTEST MAN competition here. So it’s pleasing to see that things that were hard, are now less hard. But this is where I also have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic. Because that leads to overcommitment, which leads to injury. And then time recovering, and losing ground, and etcetera.

After a couple of days of being sick and low-energy, though, I needed a shot in the arm to encourage me. This was it. Zipping through the circuits this morning was my first “THINGS ARE HAPPENING ” moment in a while. It’s quite galvanizing.

So without pushing myself too hard, I’m motivated to at least maintain. Maybe kick things up HALF a notch. Running is back out this week — blizzard yesterday, and our sidewalks aren’t safe after it snows. But I’m definitely motivated to keep going with FitStar.

I feel good! Sinusy and headachey, but good. Motivated. It’s nice.