Day Seventy: Weekends

I think I’m having a “been really busy” bad food weekend, not a “weekends are bad” weekend, but regardless, it’s definitely been a “don’t log food and graze by instinct” kind of few days.

Actually, it’s both. It’s a “weekends are bad” situation overall, combined with a “being really busy didn’t let me plan for the weekend” overlay.

Weekends are bad

This comes up even in the earliest days of the podcast. I can rock a weekday. I’m great at weekdays. Weekdays are structured.

Weekends, not so much.

Even Saturday mornings are generally okay, because the show anchors everything and I need to get up and get moving to get this done and out the door on time. But after noon on Saturdays? If I don’t have a schedule for my weekend and a plan of attack, all bets are off.

All food bets. Sobriety’s still good. Just being clear on that front.

But Saturday — yesterday — turned into a grazefest, partly because I didn’t have any plan for the day, foodwise. Partly because we were busy and didn’t have a lot of food in the house ready to cook, or eat. And partly because I’m a stress eater and a default eater.

Put it all together, it spells “bad food day.”

So it’s good that I’m writing this now, before 10 a.m. on a Sunday, because I can actually sit down and work out the rest of today. Keep Sunday on track. I’m not having a ‘cheat day’ today, because ┬áthe last week has been kind of a mess.

‘But the weekly housecleaning is done, I’m showered and shaved, a bit muzzy because of the time change. Maybe another cup of coffee, then make a food plan of attack for the rest of the day. My wife’s off working a 10-1 shift for the radio station, and we’re going to meet to food shop, so I also need to look at my cooking responsibilities for the week.

Maybe play a bit of video games, too. Gotta have some fun in there.