Day Six: Finding synergy, relieving stress

You may be wondering, as I am about a week into this, if trying the big three – booze, exercise and diet – all at once is too much. The answer, I hope, is synergy. The thing is, there’s a synergy to doing all three that I couldn’t get away from when I was thinking about starting this.

A synergy of exercise, diet and boozelessness

  1. I don’t especially like exercise. I don’t hate it all the time, but I never love-love-love it.
  2. So if I exercise, it means something to me. When I invest that energy and time in something I don’t love, I don’t want to blow it. Exercise makes food mean more to me.
  3. Which means that exercising makes the diet part easier. I don’t want to blow all the exercise by just eating something stupid.
  4. And I know that booze makes me stupid about the diet as well, and I don’t want to drink and blow the diet part.

In summary: the synergy is exercise encourages me to eat right, and eating right encourages me to not drink, because I know when I drink I don’t eat right.

It kind of makes a pyramid; exercise is the base, and everything else is on top of it. It all stacks. Synergy!

Speaking of which, I didn’t exercise first thing this morning, which is a recipe for failure… I’m going to go on a mega-walk today, which is the exercise for the day, but I need to be mindful not to let that creep into a bad diet habit.

Anyway, thinking this through, I feel better about taking on what I’m doing right now. Take a step back, look for synergy and see how all the different avenues of improvement ladder into a greater whole. It may relieve some of the mental burden you could be grappling with.