Day Sixty-Four: Will You Still Need Me?

Ha ha ha! I screwed up the production of the silence and the outro, and now I’m late for work! Enjoy my idiocy. It’s Day Sixty-Four of the podcast! Which calls to mind Mssrs. Lennon and McCartney’s grim reminder of our relentless march toward death. Will you still need me? Will you still feed me?


I’d be lying if getting older wasn’t a major instigator for this project, though. Not only in the “get my life on track” sense, but this project qua project in a “what am I doing with my life that makes a mark?” sense.

Not that I expect this to ever make a mark, in a “change the world” sense. But it’s nice to think about this being a thing that might go on for quite a while, and over time become a body of work. Maybe not a great body of work, but a body of work.

The thing about the Beatles song is that it isn’t just about aging pleasantly, but about aging pleasantly with a partner. Which I’m fortunate to be doing right now. I’m also one of the lucky people that have parents who are still together, and hale and hearty, after five decades. Good role models there.

My wife has been a big supporter of this, both the sobriety-fitness-diet thing and this whole podcast/blog project, from the get go. It’s a good motivator for me to stay on all of it.

Will you still need me today, let alone in 21 years

We’re settling into a good symbiotic groove where we encourage each other to stay on top of exercise and diet (she’s far better at logging and tracking than I am). We’re not always 100% in agreement on this stuff, but we agree more than we don’t, which is lucky.

It’s weird to think that I’m past the two-thirds mark to 64. I still feel in many ways closer to the first third than the last third. This all seemed impossibly far away when I heard Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for the first time. I remember that kid. I liked that kid. Sixty-four seemed ludicrously old to that kid.

Sorry, kid. It’s coming on faster than we think.