Day Sixty: Morning Me vs. Evening Me

Morning Me doesn’t like Evening Me very much. But the feeling is mutual. It’s a Goofus and Gallant relationship.

Morning Me says “I have a plan and I’m going to stick to it!”

Evening Me says “Screw it, let’s eat cookies.”

Morning Me says “Let’s exercise and practice good habits!”

Evening Me says “Kid, you have no idea how the world works. It’s been a day. Cookies.”

Evening Me is not a bad guy, but Morning Me writes this blog, and is a little tired of waking up every morning and dealing with his shit.

I’m not sure what keeps Morning Me and Evening Me from communicating effectively; I think it’s Mid-Afternoon Oh God I’m Tired Me that is the… anti-bridge? Chasm? between the two. Mid-Afternoon Oh God I’m Tired Me is the 2-3 p.m. existential crisis that befalls me in a workday. Upon reflection, I believe it is the Jekyll/Hyde moment that heralds the transformation from Morning Me to Evening Me.

Morning Me vs. Evening Me is an afternoon battle

Upon reflection, I think that’s where the battle might be fought. I often think that siesta cultures sound… good. The idea of recharging in the mid-day so you can not be tired in the late afternoon and evening is a delightful concept. But then again, it’s not like the siesta countries are the happiest and most world-beating nations around, so it doesn’t look like siestas make things better or worse on a broad scale.

It’s an interesting thought, though: that it’s not a Morning Me versus Evening Me issue, ┬ábut an afternoon problem that manifests later in the day. I’ll have to noodle that around a little and see what comes of it.

In the interim, I need to keep telling Evening Me about favours for your future self. I think that might be language that tired, kind of myopic dude understands.