Day Sixty-One: Cool Runnings

Okay, I know I can’t resist a bad pun, but “cool runnings” is just stupid. Sorry.

But I ran today! Despite it being COLD AS BALLS. I’m pretty proud of that.

I’ve had an on-again off-again running winter, mostly off again. The main issue is the our sidewalks are never¬†quite¬†cleared after snowstorms, and the city doesn’t sand or ice sidewalks. So it has to be clear and dry as a bone before I’ll take the chance.

Today was the test; we’ve come out of a spate of “the planet will die in a lake of fire” midwinter heat. So everything is dry and clear. But now we have a cold snap. So it was sub-minus-ten this morning, which is normally not weather I’d run in.

But I ran today!

It wasn’t that bad. Cold air in the lungs is no fun, but once the body warms up, it’s a fairly good running experience. Just don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Because stopping means cooling down, and all the sweat you’ve generated starts to cool VERY quickly and then you’re basically your own tub of ice water. Frosty sweat. It’s gross and uncomfortable!

Cool Runnings is also a dumb movie.

In case you didn’t get that reference earlier. John Candy, they weren’t all winners.

Other stuff… meh, not so good. I gave into the allure of Free Sandwiches yesterday, and ate too many cookies. I have failed to dialogue with Evening Me. But I ran today! That’s a good boost of confidence.