Day Sixty-Seven: Home Gym & Big Buys

I’ve never really wanted a full home gym, but I do prefer exercising at home over out of the house. It’s partially because I am acutely uncomfortable exercising around other people. Also because really just getting up and doing it is the best formula for me.

Before the Ontario move, I had a pretty good set-up: weights, a good bench, punching bag and Concept 2 rowing machine. That all went when we moved here to a much smaller place. Now that we’re in a house again, I’m kind of missing it all.

Home gym versus the one big thing

Of all of it, the thing I miss the most is definitely the rower. I miss my Concept2. I’ve tried using the ergs at two gyms in town, but they’re always kind of janky, or there’s a wait.

Rowing was also the only machine-based exercise I’ve ever bona fide enjoyed. I really liked it! Hard, intense, full-body workouts. I’d get on with headphones and get off 30 minutes later feeling blasted. I still enjoy and will keep up with running, but the rower was the one home gym thing that I loved.

The problem, as it often is, is cost. My wife and I have been crunching numbers, though, and if she gives the rower a good shake, it means her pausing her spin classes for a while. So if this replaces a gym membership, and her spin membership, it “pays for itself” in a year. That’s not bad, given that these machines are nigh-indestructible.

That’s kind of a false savings, though. We could also be just like the approximately 7.1 billion people on earth that don’t have a rowing machine and are doing just fine.

So it comes down to goals. Am I failing right now in a way that a rowing machine would change? Would spending the money substantially improve things? Can I commit to something like rowing on a three- or four-times-a-week basis? All the questions to answer before we decide.