Day Sixty-Six: Run Anyway

Up late last night at a volunteer thing I was helping organize. That, and a bad night the night before, meant I made the command decision to get an extra hour of sleep this morning. When I got up, my first thought was “I don’t really have time to get a good run in.” My second thought was “run anyway.”

So I did. Run anyway.

It was only a 4k, and I’m trying to do sixes to work back up to regular 10s three times a week, but I’m glad I did it. It was about 30 minutes pillar to post. That means about 22-23 minutes of running, but also the whole putting shoes on, key around the neck, start Strava on the iPhone, all that deal. Really not bad for a 430-calorie burn and the ability to feel proud of myself.

Run anyway isn’t a bad mantra.

Hearkening all the way back to Inspiration Week, “Run Anyway”¬†could go in the Inspiration Rolodex. I can often talk myself out of doing things I should do. I say I can’t do them fully, or do them “right”. But the criteria for “fully” and “right” is often self-imposed anyway. There’s something to be said for only taking things on if you’re going to do them completely and correctly. But there’s also something to be said for giving things your best shot under the circumstances you’re in.

I’m going to try “run anyway” with more stuff in the future. Mostly with running.