Day Thirty-Four: Precaffeination

Precaffination is, if it needs defining, the state I’m in before coffee in the morning.

I know there are funny posters with Garfield looking like he’s coming off a heroin bender, and mugs with hilarious sayings on them, but it’s really not that bad. I usually feel pretty okay pre-coffee. Coffee is for after exercise, and on non-exercise days, coffee is for… when I get to coffee.

Awake, precaffeination routine, morning dip, caffeine.

That’s the pattern. Coffee isn’t a first-thing thing, for me. The precaffeination routine is exercise, pack a lunch, eat my breakfast, and make coffee concurrently. Coffee is something that works best an hour or two into the day, when I start to hit a kind of early-workday dip. Two or three cups of coffee through the morning, nothing in the afternoon or I can’t sleep at night.

My espresso machine broke a while ago, which I now take to be kind of a mixed bag, because I loved it, and it was how I could afford espresso. But I was also probably drinking too much espresso. And financially, the moka pot and/or French press make pretty good coffee using a lot fewer grounds per… dose? Unit? Whatever you call a thing of coffee ranging from a shot to a mug.

I’ve tried to be a tea guy many times. I’m not a tea guy.

Caffeine: The Okay Drug

While we’re woolgathering, it seems like the number of okay drugs has shrunk a bit since I was a kid; nicotine used to be socially acceptable — you could smoke in movie theatres when I was a child, which seems balls-out insane now. People are certainly more tuned in to the problems with alcohol these days.

My Okay Drugs are caffeine, and sugar, and I kind of feel like sugar’s day is coming. Deservedly so, for things like high fructose corn syrup, which by all accounts is an unholy food chimera. As I said a few days ago, you gotta have some bad habits or you don’t feel like a whole person.