Day Thirty-Nine: Inspiration Stuff 4; 10 Seconds

Females are strong as hell. That’s not the only takeaway I have from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — there’s the titular 10 seconds thing — but it’s also a good thing to bear in mind.

For Inspiration Week, though, the bit I am carrying with me from the show is definitely this: a person can stand just about anything for 10 seconds. And then, you start on another 10 seconds.

Exercise is where the 10 seconds thing shines.

I mean, I guess you could use this to get through meetings, but it might be a little conspicuous after a while. But it concretizes a kind of “mini-milestones” approach I’ve had to exercise for a while, in a really compact way. Can I make another lap? Can I just get to the end of the block? Two more pushups, just two?

Compartmentalizing things into achievable goals isn’t a new concept when it comes to getting things done — even “make a dent,” earlier this week, is kind of the lead-in to this idea.

But it’s a nice easy way to give myself a half-second pep talk when I’m struggling with something, especially something physical. 10 seconds is easy to conceive and easy to count. And I can stand most things for 10 seconds.

There is, inevitably, the time when you say “I can do this for another 10 seconds” and your body responds with a hearty and absolute “nope.”

But you can get a lot of micro-goals into those 10 seconds before you reach that point. Maybe more than you think.

Also, it’s nice to revisit Kimmy Schmidt every once in a while. I like that show.  It’s a bit like Bojack Horseman — it looks like a comedy, feels like a comedy, is a comedy — but it’s about trauma and recovery, like Bojack is about depression. It’s a helpful and interesting lens to give people who don’t experience these things a window into them.