Day Thirty-Seven: Inspiration Stuff 3; Make a Dent

Wow, that’s a lot of numbers for a single post title. Sorry! But Inspiration Week continues here at Jerk in Progress. For a second day, I’m going back  to that rich and abundant MetaFilter well for short motivational thoughts. Today: “Make a Dent,” as contributed by user fussbudget. 

They say “This was always my mom’s advice when I was having trouble starting homework, and I still use it when I’m feeling balky or unsure about a project and just need to get started.”

That’s some solid get-started wording right there.

Make a dent.

Make a dent: advice for anyone (except limousine drivers)

I kind of wish I’d had that one back on January 1 of this year, and especially for the first couple of weeks, when there were a lot of early pains associated with stopping drinking and eating more sensibly. Make a dent… set a target and start working toward it.

My initial goal for the year, and for this podcast is 100 days. My not so secret goal is to have that be inspiration to keep going for the medium term. And for that to energize me for the long term.

So what does “make a dent” mean when the dent’s been made?

I love it as “get started” advice, and I’m going to probably wind up using this at work. I do a lot of project-based things, and often they seem insurmountable.

Make a dent.

Maybe it’s a matter of saying “make the dent bigger.” If you’ve made a dent, there’s no reason not to keep making it.

Or maybe it’s something to hang onto for those tough days, or tough moments, when you have to reframe your worldview from the next few months down to the next few hours. We’ve all been in the grip of immediate temptation, so having “make a dent” in the back pocket as a guide to the next hour of our lives isn’t a bad idea.

Either way, it’s a good one. Nice and short, too. Make a dent. Let’s do that.