Day Thirty-Three: Bad Habits Creeping In

They nibble around the edges, don’t they? Bad habits.

When I started this, I honestly kind of expected to break before bending. Past attempts at total sobriety, good diet, etc. have almost always terminated in some sort of bingey freak-out, or a total exercise stoppage.

This time, though, I’m noticing a kind of failure creep.

One more cookie than I need (really I need zero cookies, but you get it). A little less exercise in the morning. Taking the short walk to work.

The number one… friend… of bad habits… is complacency? I don’t know.

I feel like there should be a thing about complacency I can say here, but I don’t know what it is.

So what’s the bad habits buttress? Keeping motivation high is key, and internal accountability is key. External accountability structures are fine, but fallible… if I’m not driving myself, inside, to stay the course, no amount of external accountability will do it for me.

So I think that’s going to be my focus for today, and maybe all of next week — remember how I was talking about trying something different with this? Theme weeks are an idea I like. A week of ideas on internal motivation might be a good thing for me to start looking into now. I like that. Fending off bad habits with internally motivating strategies.

As another aside: I need to take more pictures. I keep meaning to populate these blog entries with photos I take, even just on my iPhone, but I keep forgetting to actually do it. I just need to block an hour in my calendar and get it done. C’mon, self. Get on the stick.