Day Thirty-Two: Future Plans

I started this podcast with no future plans.

It was a vague idea somewhere around December 28 to keep me motivated starting in January, and I think I built the site on January 1, starting this on January 2. No intention beyond just personal audio-logging and a kind of blog journal thing.

Over a month in now, I think it’s sticking. I’m glad it’s sticking.

It’s time to start actually thinking a bit more about the future, though.

Mainly because I don’t want this to get boring, or me to get bored.

Make no mistake: I can access statistics for this. This podcast has two listeners. Me, and my wife. Hello, darling!

And she doesn’t even read this blog. She has no idea this sentence exists.

But I don’t want to get bored with myself doing this. And who knows? Maybe somebody, someday, will start listening to this thing.

Future plans: mixing things up

So starting next week, I’m going to start messing with the formula a bit — doing series of things; maybe look at week-long explorations of a topic related to sobriety or motivation or accountability.

A week of great quotes. A week on nutrition. A week on different ways of looking at alcohol. I’m not sure. But some future plans to keep this fresh and interesting for myself, if not anybody else.

The number one enemy of change, for me, is boredom. It’s hard to maintain good habits when I’m not interested in them. I’ve definitely been slipping a bit recently in food logging, and diet, and I need to buckle that shit back down.

Not being bored is a bit part of that.

So: future plans. I’m making ’em. You can expect ’em.

Good luck to all of us.