Day Twenty-Five: Hooray 25, ugh everything else

Well, that went by quickly. My initial idea for this was a kind of 100-day “burn-in” period, to see if I could sustain this daily commitment for at least a medium term, and then to look at whether I should try to actively seek an audience.

It feels like a very short 25 days.

Aptly, this is going to be a shortish entry; for various reasons (work stress, busy on the home front, a cat that is soon going to be on the street with a bindle and a sign that says “PISSED OFF LAST OWNER, PLEASE FEED”) I’m running on about four hours of sleep. Got the exercise in — kind of unwillingly, in a “fuck it, I’m not going to get any sleep anyway” burst of pissy energy; had breakfast, and now I’m onto the pod and a shower and off to work.

Other than being generally exhausted, and as a result super irritable, things are actually going quite well. I’ve been swatting away food cravings here and there, but booze hasn’t been tugging my sleeve like I was afraid it might. Pretty consistent with exercise when sleep isn’t a crippling issue.

I’m looking forward to the next 75 of these, assuming I don’t succumb to some sort of insomnia-induced stroke.