Day Twenty: Keep on keepin’ on today

Nothing profound going on today; in fact, I’m just generally pleased with how it’s going. Keepin’ on is a fine thing when you’re still in your first month of some pretty big stuff.

Some people like to make life a little tougher than it is.

That’s a line from a Cake song — Pressure Chief came out in 2004, well after the major college rock success of “The Distance,” but I loved them before and love them still. Cake is a good band. At the moment, they seem to have converted their Facebook page to actively protesting the Trump presidency, and I suspect somebody has DDOSed their website as a result. This just makes them cooler.


I’m trying not to make life tougher than it is right now — if I accept not drinking, eating better and exercise as the new normal. But as discussed previously, actively resisting the impulse to heap more on because of a Protestant work ethic, or just general idiocy.

My dad has this hanging in his office for my entire life; it now hangs in mine:

Keepin' on by avoiding the unnecessary
Pretty much all the advice I need on a daily basis.

Sometimes people notice it and laugh; I notice it about once a week. I will on occasion lean back in my chair and seek it out.

It’s good… well, it’s not advice, really, but a good admonishment. It’s worth frequent consideration.

I take on too much; I’m not even sure if I’m ‘relaxing’ or not a lot of the time.

It’s good to have keepin’ on days.

I’m going to go do a radio show with my wife with a clear head and hangover-free, looking forward to a long walk, getting some things done for the local canoe club, and having a generally kind of chill yet productive day.

Keep on keepin’ on.