Day Twenty-Nine: Perseverance in a World of Despair

Among the many things America’s Nightmare Clown President has to answer for, my sleep is among them. Bad sleep last night was not due to the cat, but literally waking up in the middle of the night in a world of despair.

For those of you who might be catching up on this in the future, yesterday was the height of the Nightmare Clown’s insane deportation order. It was also the day he tried to boot the heads of intelligence out of the National Security Council and insert his neo-Nazi intelligence officer onto it.

It’s hard to sleep in a world of despair.

Hard to stay sober, too. There’s certainly a new and different refrain almost 30 days into sobriety: why bother? Why bother exercising and eating well when there is literally an insane person in charge of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal? Why bother being sober when there’s good Vegas odds that the Nightmare Clown is going to start a nuclear war over a tweet?

Because the world needs you, is why.

The only answer I have off the cuff is a fundamentally arrogant one: I make a difference. It may not be a world-altering difference, it may not be epochal or earth-shattering. But just by being a decent human being and standing up to the Nightmare Clown, his propaganda machine, and his army of know-nothings, I’m making a tiny difference.

One of hopefully a billion tiny differences that can tip the scales back to sanity and decency and human progress.

I can’t be decent to other people, decent outwardly, unless I’m decent to myself. So while the Nightmare Clown can rob me of sleep, I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of robbing me of health.

Staying the course becomes another way of sticking it to evil, and the evil people trying to subvert what’s good about our world and our government. So in the end, it’s motivating. I’m going to get healthier, both physically and financially, by pursuing this course. I’ll have more vigour to fight and more money to fight with.

Up yours, Nightmare Clown. You and the jumped-up neo-Nazis you rode in on.