Day Twenty-Seven: Sober Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are great.

I get up at my usual time, but I don’t exercise on weekends (I get a lot of walking in). So I have more time to putter around the house. I’m making soy milk to make soy yogurt this morning. Made a big french press of coffee. Doing this blog/podcast, obviously. Prepping for the radio show I do with my wife in two hours.

Saturday mornings are my sweet reward for Friday nights.

It can be tough, living with somebody who still drinks when you’re staying sober. Again, I’m in the fortunate category of having an off switch that works well and a dimmer switch that works very badly.

Actually, that should be its own post.

Anyway, I can live with booze in the house, and a spouse who drinks; I have an easy timeĀ not starting, so the key for me is to just not have a drink in the first place. And having a spouse who is respectful and supportive is key — there’s no cajoling to come out for a drink or to have a drink at home.

It is hard, though. I shouldn’t downplay that it’s difficult. It’s difficult in the “the other kids are out playing and I’m stuck at home doing homework” way. It’s difficult in the “my brain is wired to want a drink and I’m not giving it one” way. It’s difficult in the “constant internal dialogue of whether or not I have A PROBLEM” way.

But dag nabbit if getting up on a Saturday morning feeling fresh, fit and clear-headed doesn’t put that cost into perspective.

My wife brought up the idea of “doing things for your future self” earlier this week; this is something that’s been kicking around for a while. I usually use it as a work joke. “That’s a problem for future me.” But the idea of doing favours for future me is pretty compelling too.

So that’s a bit of framing for not-drinking nights: it’s not not-fun, it’s paying it forward so future me can look back and say “thanks, past guy. Also, here are the winning lottery numbers…”