Day Twenty-Three: Sleep on Drugs

Speaking of sleep, drugs, and the number twenty-three, remember this movie?

It was terrible.

Anyway — after the Sunday not-greatness, yesterday was a kind of a slog, including a low-grade headache that chased me all day. I finally decided to take some nighttime ibuprofen before bed.

I slept like a log.

But does it count?

Is sleep on drugs real sleep? Does it count?

I feel like it’s cheating, somehow — I’ve never been a pills person; I resist even Aspirin for minor headaches. I’ve gotten the notion at some point that it’s better to power through and not take anything than to take stuff.

Which is weird, when you think of how much I’d been using alcohol as a stress reliever.

Sleep on drugs is probably okay. I’m sure, even though it’s not something I qualify as ‘real’ sleep, it’s better for me than a restless night, especially if it’s a very occasional thing.

Sleep on drugs vs. life on booze

Again, it’s weird to me that I’m resistant to medication, and I think that sleep with sleep aids ‘doesn’t count’. I’ve spent decades willing to think that alcohol is a perfectly acceptable way to relieve stress.

Before today, I’ve never really thought about that dichotomy.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it weirds me out.

Why have I been making a major life exception for one specific drug for so long? Especially one that’s proven itself to not be great for your health (physical, mental and financial)?

I’m not down on people who drink, by the way — I’m making personal changes for me because my “off” switch works a lot better than my dimmer switch when it comes to alcohol. It’s personally easier for me not to have a drink at all than to have that internal “can I have another drink?” debate.

But sleep on drugs is something that’s always bothered me, and I’ve always tried to avoid. Why is sleep on drugs bad, and relax on alcohol okay?

One to ponder. Huh.