Day 197: Breakin’

It’s been a great weekend, and a bit of breakin’ from routine for an extended cheat day — not going nuts or anything, but it’s hard to be on top of everything and still host guests, so I’ll take that excuse to slack off a bit.

Today’s a day off work for me — burning off some vacation — so I’m going to be focusing on Side Hustle as a straight 9-5 and seeing how I can do at getting that closer to launch.

I’m excited about the side hustle thing, but also nervous. Longevity and consistency are a challenge for me, sometimes. And I may need to make some tough choices about volunteerism if this starts to go well — it’s going to take some time.

Getting back on it today; as I was saying to my wife this morning, breakin’ a bit is good, and it’s important to have the trend line as well as the rigor. So today the rigor is back — starting with a good day’s focus on the side gig stuff. Well, maybe a little goofing around, too.

Breakin’ (up) is easy to do.

It’s pretty easy to fall into break patterns, and in the past I’ve been focused on “how I make healthy the default, so sticking with good habits doesn’t feel like ‘I need a break’.” I’m beginning to accept that’s a slow road. But I made a few small decisions over the weekend that I’m proud of. And I’m definitely happy with the sobriety stuff (massive water drinking helps a lot).

The sobriety is always the foundation. I don’t know if that makes it an excuse for bad behaviour sometimes, or if the bad behaviour is one of the ways I deal with sobriety. But I’m hitting all the notes for the half-marathon training. I’m eating pretty good all things considered. So I’m not worried about brief breakin’ sprees from time to time.

It’s how I bounce back that’s important.