Get Psyched for Chores 3: Max in Lennoxville

We’re doing this thing, you guys. This is day three of Get Psyched for Chores week, and Max is calling in from Lennoxville with a tip so simple it borders on genius. Maybe it is genius. I’m no genius, so I’m not really qualified to say.


Next week is “Get Out Of Bed” week. What gets you off the mattress? What’s your one killer idea that gets you up and at ’em every morning? Send a voice memo to, or call the Jerkline at 1-833-JERKPOD and let me know.

Folks, we are doing this one day at a time. We’re building an arsenal of small chunks of helpful knowledge from normal people who are doing their best while living their lives.

Tomorrow: we’re back to Kingston with Andrea checking in for her killer unpleasant-chore tip.