Day Forty-Six: Road Accountability

Continuing on from yesterday, more or less: food is going to be a big focus for me. Especially since I have weekend plans out of town. Road accountability is rough.

I am, to be honest, a little nervous about this. I’m bad with food accountability on weekends in the first place. Vacations, even short ones, have traditionally been disasters for this. And I’m already feeling like my stool is wobbly on the food leg.

(I also need to figure out how to do this on the road! Interesting.)

We’re on a pretty strict budget, and already kind of breaking it with this weekend trip. I think micromanaging this time away is going to be a requirement, not an option. Road accountability for the win.

Mapping for Success

There’s no¬†reason¬†we can’t map out the weekend ahead of time. Sit down and plan our meals — out and in — with a budget and an eye on time. Will it diminish enjoyment? Will we feel less spontaneous and less “fun” doing this?


This is where it gets back to having a great partner and collaborating to keep eyes on the prize. I have to ask for help on this one, because obviously I’m not travelling alone. Road accountability for one! Road accountability for all!

Getting back there, synergy is what makes this work, and there are clear dangers in this weekend trip that I can anticipate. And plan for. If action is eloquence (Deeds not Words), I should act and get on top of the problem before it even gets a chance to become a problem.