Day 276: Bachelor Back on Track(ish)

So I had a dream last night that I forgot to do this! That’s cool. I guess I’m really internalizing the project.

Deleted Netflix from my devices again this morning, too. Call it Temporary Bachelor Self-Assertion. And a recognition that I was getting sucked back into the Vortex of Not Great Media — I have watched more of the new Lethal Weapon TV show than I should really admit to in any public forum. In my defense… it’s fun! And it has Teddy from Rectify!

So a short row this morning, weird sleep again last night, but I’m feeling MUCH more on track than yesterday. I could have done more / gone harder with the exercise, but diet yesterday was pretty good, I got to bed on time. I’m feeling pretty positive about deleting Netflix (again).


Day 275: Flying Solo

Okay, cards on the table: I’m a married man.

By which I mean: I’m a married man.

By which I mean: at some point I changed, and now when my wife isn’t around, I’m a mess.

Up later than I should have been last night; fasting went pretty well, but some dumb snacking at the end of the day. I slept terribly without my wife, and now I’m kind of scrambling to get out the door because it was hard to get up after a rough night. I’m also filling in for her on the radio this morning, which means an earlier start as well.

So I need to pull it together and be a solo responsible bachelor, like, tout suite. Partly because I need to know that I’m a whole person! And partly so I won’t be ashamed of my damn self when she gets home.

No worries about sobriety; it’s mainly not doing dumb video game stuff that keeps me up late and staying on diet and exercise in the absence of my partner that I need to keep an eye on.