Get Psyched for Chores 1: Stephen in Kingston

I’m Matt and this is Jerk in Progress, the podcast about getting a little better every damn day. We’re building this thing ourselves. There’s no ads, no products to sell, no religion, no guru, no leader — just a bunch of people figuring it out and sharing what we’ve found.

As you know, this is kind of an experimental version of what I’m hoping will be the evolution of this project toward something collaborative and crowdsourced. This is the first foray into the new format — if I like it, I’ll keep it, and probably start preparing to flip the switch and do this in earnest starting in January of 2019. Why then? I’m taking a course this fall, and it’s going to absolutely destroy me to try to do this and that and some other things.

This week, we’re kicking it off with a pretty universal idea: doing the things we don’t want to do. I asked what gets you psyched up to do an unpleasant chore. And you answered! Let’s check in with Stephen, from Kingston…

…visualization is the key. Thanks, Stephen! Tomorrow, we’re going to hear from San Jose, California, and some sound fatherly advice.

NEXT week: what’s your single best tip to getting up in the morning? What gets you out of bed? Fire off a voice memo to, or call the Jerkphone at 1-833-JERKPOD with your best idea for literally getting your feet on the floor and your butt off the mattress. Alarms? Automated coffee machines? Music? A pet? Let me know. We’ll share it.
[Don’t actually do this, you guys! It’s an experiment!]